Koloraro try-out

A try out with Koloraro. Here we opened a cinema in the south of The Netherlands. Koloraro is a work-in-progress with painter Geoffrey Wine and Barney Broomer.

Koloraro opening bioscoop Cuijk from Koloraro on Vimeo.

Denz Da Denz Soundsystem

After 20 years I'll be joining Eric Denz da Denz back on stage for a reunion concert from Denz da Denz Soundsytem in Rotterdam. At the Soundsytem I'll do the mix and sample live artists on stage. And yes, I wanted my old Allen and Heath setup on stage! So, we fixed the old gear, put some new faders in and hit the road again ! ANALOG RULES


XXL prints for Koloraro

For Koloraro International we print with Tiny Factory a massive stage design to hold all the spray cans and build in lights. Project will be on the road at the end of this year.


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