Light Beacon debuts at Lowlands 17 festival

After last year's succes of the Rockhand during the Lowlands 16 festival, we have developed with in-house company's SuperDynaLite an Tiny Factory the first wearable, rechargeable light show exclusively for Silent Disco International.
This mobile device, called the Light Beacon, will be mounted on top of their wireless headphones and is remote controllable by any art-net capable light desk. It got synchronised strobes, 24 bit dimming and colour mixing on 4 separate channels and is fully rechargeable. Silent Disco International opens the Lowlands 17 festival on Thursday the 17th of August with a astronomical number of 6000 wireless headphones……

Light Beacon is part of the upcoming 360 Cyclone Club. First part that is been build of this concept, the 360 Cyclone itself, got last month his debut at the Glastonbury festival in England and Exit festival in Serbia. Click here to see the 360 Cyclone in action at Glastonbury festival. The combination of Light Beacon, 360 Cyclone and the best sounding wireless headphones from Silent Disco International will open doors for a truly portable club, with no need for traditional sound and light company's.


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